Solar & Electrical Training Program

Become a Government of India (NSDC) certified and Schneider Electric certified Solar PV Engineer in just 2 months.

As India strives to meet its renewable energy targets and establish a sustainable energy infrastructure, the need for solar PV training becomes increasingly vital. These training programs not only equip individuals with the necessary skills but also facilitate job creation, promote technological advancements, ensure quality and safety, and contribute to environmental conservation. India has set renewable energy targets, including a goal to achieve 450 GW of renewable capacity by 2030, with solar power accounting for a significant share. To achieve this, the country needs a skilled workforce of solar PV installers and engineers who can design, install, operate, and maintain solar PV systems effectively.

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I am very happy after doing this training program. I have learnt a lot of things here not only about Solar Technology but also about Life. There is a huge difference in me from the first day to the last day of the program. I am very thankful to all the Trainers for giving so much warmth and care to all. Your efforts and hard work are appreciable.

Pratibha Gupta


I have learnt many things in this training like how to do Electrical Wiring of 1 BHK / 2 BHK house, Solar Panel Installation, Battery Installation, Inverter Installation, etc. Apart from these technical topics, I also learnt about Time Management Skills and Life Skills (Yoga, Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya) which are going to benefit me in my personal growth along with further studies.

Nagesh Kumar


I really liked the structure of this training program. Technically, I learnt about both Electrical and Solar subjects of which Solar was my favorite part. I got detailed knowledge on Designing of Solar Systems, types of Solar Systems, etc. With this knowledge, I will be starting my own business in the Solar Energy sector as it has a promising future.

Shilvant Hatole


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Our Skilling Partner

Schneider Electric India Foundation

Schneider Electric India Foundation, a CSR initiative of Schneider Electric, aims to help people transform their lives through access to energy. It focuses on the 5 Es of energy and sustainability: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Electrification, and Emergency. SSRDP in partnership with Schneider Electric works towards empowering youths in India to become skilful in certain specific areas of solar energy, electrical and automation, and crease sustainable employability in various sectors. 

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