Our Approach

Our unique approach towards development focus on the all-around upliftment of people, the environment, the economy and society in a holistic manner that is long-sustainable. It focuses on holistically empowering the community with equal emphasis on all 6 pillars of development: Education, Agriculture, Health, Promoting Human Values, and Infrastructure Development to promote rural entrepreneurs and women empowerment. We tackle social issues by involving communities and developing social leadership through youth leadership training programs.

Stage 1

Sensitization & Creating Youth Leaders

Youths are capacitated to become sensitive yet fearless committed and empowered instruments for social change. Our practical training sessions transform youngsters in villages & tribal communities into socially and economically self-reliant people with confidence, energy and enthusiasm to create change. 

Stage 2

Community Involvement & Social leadership

Using the first layer as a foundation, The Art of Living is able to direct the community into highly focused and targeted ‘issue-based’ project interventions through special ‘train the trainer’ workshops, in-house or out-sourced technical experts.

Stage 3

Integration of social issues

Using the first layer as its foundation, The Art of Living is able to direct the existing strategy for SSRDP to create ‘Rural Entrepreneurs’ for each project and provide them with the infrastructure to sustain their activities. This ensures the continuous running of the project even after our team exits the village.

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