Mobile Phone Repair Training

Become an expert in Mobile Phone Repair and get certified by Government of India (NSDC) in just 36 days.

India has one of the largest smartphone markets in the world, with a significant number of mobile phone users. The demand for mobile phone repairs is generally high due to various factors such as device usage, wear and tear, accidental damage, software issues, and hardware failures. Sri Sri Rural Development Programme Trust in collaboration with Supertron Electronics offers 36 days training program to upskill youths with skills that are essential to server the market with an ocean of opportunities to build a career as a government certified Mobile Phone Repair Expert.

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Success Stories

After getting trained at SSRDP, I was able to open my own mobile repair shop at my own place. The skills that I have learnt me has helped me offer top quality service to my customers and earn sufficient income to sustain my family.


I got enrolled into this training program and I gained so much knowledge from the experienced trainers. I also got trained on various soft skills like communication, etc. After finishing my mobile repair training program, I opened my mobile shop in Bangalore with the guidance of my mentors. Now I am earning around 60k per month easily.

Chetan G

I used to run a Gas stove shop before joining the Mobile Repair Training Program at SSRDP. I used to earn about 20,000 – 30,000 in a month and it was difficult to manage my family. After learning mobile repair skills here, I am fearless and I have opened a mobile shop where I earn about 40,000-50,000 in a month.

Ashok Kumar

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Our Skilling Partner

Supertron Electronics

Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a socially and environmentally conscious company with a staggering 28 years in the IT industry, imprinting on 57 locations, and fathoming 36 brands. The company’s Supertron Foundation has long worked to improve lives in rural and urban areas. Inclusive growth is a core value of the company and its dedication to fostering economic progress and social well-being has brought SSRDP and Supertron Electronics closer in partnership to work on programs that benefit the livelihoods and empower youths with education and sustainable career path.

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