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Cybersecurity Training , Cyber security Courses.

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Cyber security, Cyber security Courses.

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There is a global shortage of skilled Cybersecurity talent in the industry & India is experiencing the fall-out of this shortage. There is an acute shortage of 3.5 million skilled professionals to support the growing Cybersecurity economy. This further extends to a requirement of 1.5 million such cyber security experts across India. Such a scenario boosts the level of growth opportunities available for the youth of India.

SSRDP in association with CyberDojo: The School of CyberDefense offers practical training courses on Cybersecurity skills which are the need of the hour in the industry. Training next-generation cyber warriors to seamlessly integrate into the industry is the core objective.

Success Stories

I am very happy after doing this training program. I have learnt a lot of things here not only about Solar Technology but also about Life. There is a huge difference in me from the first day to the last day of the program. I am very thankful to all the Trainers for giving so much warmth and care to all. Your efforts and hard work are appreciable.

Pratibha Gupta


I have learnt many things in this training like how to do Electrical Wiring of 1 BHK / 2 BHK house, Solar Panel Installation, Battery Installation, Inverter Installation, etc. Apart from these technical topics, I also learnt about Time Management Skills and Life Skills (Yoga, Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya) which are going to benefit me in my personal growth along with further studies.

Nagesh Kumar


I really liked the structure of this training program. Technically, I learnt about both Electrical and Solar subjects of which Solar was my favorite part. I got detailed knowledge on Designing of Solar Systems, types of Solar Systems, etc. With this knowledge, I will be starting my own business in the Solar Energy sector as it has a promising future.

Shilvant Hatole


Our Skilling Partner

Cyber Dojo

CyberDojo provides an industry-relevant cybersecurity training program with practical experience on a simulation-based training platform. These courses are offered in partnership with SSRDP and aim to train students to become “Harden Cyber Warriors.”

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