Renewable Energy

Enabling socially and environmentally inclusive development in Rural India by harnessing the alternative, clean and sustainable energy sources.

An individual’s inability to access electricity is one of the defining indicators of poverty in a country. Electricity allows access to better education and the opportunity for industry and business to flourish. But according to World Bank figures, approximately 200 million people in India lack access to electricity. Majority of rural India relies on kerosene and other fuels to meet their lighting needs, which is hazardous to both, their health and to the environment. Moreover, inadequate lighting makes it hard for children to study and makes medical aid inaccessible at night.

In an effort to provide a clean and affordable lighting solution to rural India, our “Light a Home” project was born. Our Program aims to take clean and affordable lighting to 360 million people in India living in 74 million rural households. These houses have no access to electricity. SSRDP provides high-quality and cost effective Solar Lanterns, Home Lighting Systems and Solar Cookers, distributed through Solar Centers across India. These Centres are operated and managed by local ‘Yuvacharyas’ trained specifically under the initiative.

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Our Goals

Rural Electrification

Last mile energy access initiative

Solar Lantern Distribution program

SSRDP under Light a Home Program started an initiative of distribution of solar lanterns in remote villages since 2012. We have served villages where people haven’t seen light after sunset in remote terrain places and take support of kerosene lamp or wood fire. Also serving in emergency conditions in disaster relief work caused by flood, cyclone, earthquake, etc.

Solar Battery Charging Station

Understanding the need for uninterrupted and continuous usage of the solar systems installed, SSRDP realized the need for an entrepreneur development program in solar. Where the entrepreneur is responsible to maintain the battery charging station and its system health for sustainable maintenance of the solar panel system in the village in return will collect fixed marginal charges for the services.

Solar Electrification Programs at Schools

Understanding the need for primary education and challenges in rural areas SSRDP provides solar energy to un-electrified Schools and Anganwadi’s where the students and teachers could spend quality time for quality education. To further improve the education infrastructure in the remote villages, we provide multimedia computer, Desktop PC, e-learning suite, e-library along with the solar energy power plant to ensure quality education.

Rural Village Electrification

As a part of the Rural Development Program and considering the holistic development goals of the villages SSRDP has started making Solar Micro Grids with the electrification of each household in the village with 2-3 LED lights and a Fan with mobile charging port. Also, provided a rice de-husk machine and agriculture water pump which runs on solar energy to increase their farm produce and add economic value.

Dual Water Pump Drinking Water

As a part of rural development initiative, villages which are completely dependent on safe drinking water and community water supply in support with local government/ CSR, SSRDP bridges the gap and provides technical support by installing Solar Dual water pumps in areas with utmost need.

Streetlight For Community

SSRDP provides technological driven and highly efficient solar street lights for community usage, where street light automatically turns on during the dusk and turns off in dawn with energy saving mechanism. Due to its integrated design there is no chance of battery theft and locals are trained for the maintenance of the system.

Our Execution Model

Join us in lighting India's remotest corners

Let’s enable clean and affordable lighting solutions to rural India with socially and environmentally inclusive development.

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